Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Moving … once again

If you have been looking for NEParis.com over the past few weeks and/or been frustrated that the site is not there, rest easy. I’m back.

My buddy had to take down the server he and I have been using for a few years. This was expected, but I didn’t take time to get my stuff in order. So I didn’t worry when he took down the server. But several of you have been asking where I went, so I finally took the time to reset all of the DNS entries and get things pointed here.

It is amazing to me how the moving process works once I decide to move. As I look around at all of my stuff, I have to decide if I am willing to spend the time and energy to move it. This is as true with the stuff in my house as it is with my electronic stuff.

In this recent move I decided no one really wanted to read all of my old posts anyway so I didn’t migrate them and I am starting from scratch.

I have used several different web site management tools over the past few years and I have liked each one for different reasons. This time I decided to keep it “stupid simple” since 95% of everything I had related to the blog I had on my old site design. Thus, I’m sticking with Blogger and using the tools here for site design.

So welcome to the new NEParis.com. I am still “unpacking boxes” and feel a little out of place here. After all, I haven’t found all of my stuff yet and I don’t know where to put the stuff I have found.

But I’m working on it.

Thanks for coming to the house warming.


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