Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lightsabers and Life Lessons

It's early summer and once again my "To Do" list is getting way too long. It seems like things keep being added faster than I can remove them. Every time I turn around, I feel like I have forgotten something, not scheduled enough time for an activity, or let someone down by not completing my responsibilities.

Do you feel this way sometimes as well?

Today a friend of mine said I had to read a blog post titled, Facing Your Darth Vader. She knew the Star Wars geek in me would be interested right away ... and she was right! I am sure she liked the article content too or she would not have taken time to share it. The author has told a really nice story but don't miss the powerful lesson contained in the story.

He says we need three things when facing the monsters of our lives:

  1. Friends who will take us to our monsters
  2. A Master to guide us when it gets tough
  3. Courage to face the monster on our own

This sure helped me to clear my mind and look at things a bit more directly. I realized that I sometimes need to wear the blast helmet so I don't look at everything else buzzing around me. Obi Wan was right ... my eyes can deceive me.

I am blessed to have good friends who join me in my endeavors, a wife who believes in me, and mentors around me who continue to teach me well and challenge me to do even greater things than I thought possible. And mostly, I have a God who has promised to be in my corner and never give up on me.

So it's down to point three. I have to do some things on my own to battle the monsters. But I have remembered today that I am not in this entirely on my own.

Time to light the sabers and get going!

May the Force be with you.


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